Interested in a Lua development framework designed to enhance your text-based automation system potential?

Checkout Animus, its modular design allows you to add and enhance your character's abilities without fear of introducing bugs elsewhere in your system. Not only does it save you time, but it promotes code sharing as modules can be converted into encrypted plugins so that they can't be analysed or furthur manipulated by those that obtain them. Modules tend to be small (as they are designed to perform only one task), which inherently makes them less complex and easier to understand. Less complexity and a smaller code footprint reduces your coding time drastically so you can get finished and get back to playing!

Running quietly in your system tray, Animus provides many built in functions like code searching, timer resets, skill balances, skill blocking, idle tracking, alias prioritization, toggleable triggers/aliases for faster processing, full GMCP support, display manipulation, and even multi-threading! A full list of functions Animus provides you with can be found here.

Getting Started:
Follow the steps outlined here.
Click here to checkout additional plugins for Animus you can use.
Use the keyword `connect imperian while connected to Animus to get started gaming!

Version 2.0Nov 20th, 2013

I've got lots of exciting changes that have been made and are currently in progress for this latest version! Some exciting things coming down the pipe include the ability to turn specific modules on/off and to seemlessly download updates for modules you have active.


- Hide the blank line received prior to a trigger if the trigger itself was marked as hidden

- Fixed a display bug in the show() function causing newlines not to be printed properly

- Animus uses a monospaced font in it's console window

- Config files can be used as part of modules now with the new getConfig() function

- Simplified the way Animus handles displaying triggers